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The Material Landing page appears to be a beautiful addon.  However, I have identified an issue that the developer doesn't have plans to incorporate.  

The product in it's current state, adds random  profile images.  However, this is risky...  Imagine you are showing your site to your grandfolks, a prospective advertiser, or your pastor in church, or God forbid... your young daughter or son, and they find porn or nude pictures on your business site...

I suggested to the developer to add logic that would show ONLY featured members images, with an option for site owners to select random=all or random=featured..  But apparently they don't see the benefit, or value, of this suggestion.

And just like that, I am off to buy a different theme.  A loss to the developer.


Last update on November 14, 2018 by metro.
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Amol Saini



I am using this plugin. You can disable that option of showing member and it works good..


You can disable most of the option in this plugin landing page


Last update on November 15, 2018 by Amol Saini.
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Amol - Actually you can not!  It picks up images at random without ANY WAY of censoring the content of the image.  Unless you spend ever second of the day refreshing the index page and removing inappropriate photos.  

Please re-read the concerns and suggestions to fix those concerns.  The developer has reached out to create a hack for me, but - I will not implement a one off hack as I have been burnt before when upgrades are done to the core app.  

If it is not in the store, it ain't for me.

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