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I decide and upgrade to  version 4.6.1b6 from  4.4.2 . server requirments all had been checked correctly by  installation proccess   and upgarde window of phpfox4.6.1 did n,t show any more server requirment for installation  .( php  version is 5.6  because other scripts  need  php 5.6  to run  )  .

upgrading went successfuly  without  error and finished  successfuly,  and phpfox  showed : installation successfuly finished ,

but in right lower of installation window    i didn,t see  "go(visit)  to your site" ( as usually in this place writes this sentence  ,  instead of this sentence has  beed wrote : try again! 

after  going to site :  i see error 500  

i cleared cash folder in folder /file and PF.base/file , but error remained  ,  i cleared folder log  in /  file  and PF.base/file ; but problem there is permanently .  i cleared .htaccess file  in  root  but error remained!.

may please help   

thank you  



now , and after  many days and hours of headche,  I upgraded to 4.6.b1 .

I see the site . I  see the theards title  I see the topic  titles >> but >>  I cannot  see  the  sentences in topics! .:open_mouth:  

previous  version had not any  error , all occured  after upgrading form 4.2.2 to 4.6  version. 

please help where  i must to  correct?


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