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If you notify phpfox support that you've been submitting a bunch of bug reports and testing stock installs and then upgraded the install and the phpfox script hoses the db and bumping load time anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute to load. Phpfox will tell you they won't investigate performance issues. End of story.


Simple deductive reasoning. If it worked fine prior to upgrade on a stock install and then not working after upgrade then it is reasonable to suggest that the problem maybe in the upgrade / install / script or process. However, phpfox support cannot see that is even possible with the phpfox script  apparently or at least that is impression they are are giving..

I mean you're taking your time away from your other projects to test out phpfox's script and reporting any issues to help make it work better, The least they could do is investigate it. Things like this really boggles the mind.


Update:  12/1/2018

So I tracked down the issue and fixed it myself. The problem is the phpfox script, again. 

I posted the issue here:

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Update. See original post.

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