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After updating to Phpfox 4.7.1, in my site, the Material Theme is having a problem with the Visitor Landing Page. This page is completely unconfigured (see attached image). I've tried everything to solve the problem without success. Can someone help me with this?


seems like there are some blocks on your visitor index page. check the blocks....

did you rebuild the core theme?


Antonio Ancelmo Matos

It was the same blocks!I had created blocks for Member Home Page and got stuck and saved for the Visitor Landing Page.When I moved the blocks to the correct location, it returned to normal.Thank you!


Hello Antonio Ancelmo Matos,

I'm sorry for the issue. It's wonderful that you could resolve the issue. 

Actually, we have improved the landing page so that administrator could manage blocks in the landing page. I hope that you will study more about this change to make your landing page unique. For all change in this version, please read this article