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After updating to Phpfox 4.7.1, in my site, the Material Theme is having a problem with the Visitor Landing Page. This page is completely unconfigured (see attached image). I've tried everything to solve the problem without success. Can someone help me with this?


seems like there are some blocks on your visitor index page. check the blocks....

did you rebuild the core theme?


Antonio Ancelmo Matos

It was the same blocks!I had created blocks for Member Home Page and got stuck and saved for the Visitor Landing Page.When I moved the blocks to the correct location, it returned to normal.Thank you!


Hello Antonio Ancelmo Matos,

I'm sorry for the issue. It's wonderful that you could resolve the issue. 

Actually, we have improved the landing page so that administrator could manage blocks in the landing page. I hope that you will study more about this change to make your landing page unique. For all change in this version, please read this article


The link to the 4.7.1 upgrade/install instructions doesn't seem to have any information about reparing broken visitor homepage/landing pages.

I've been fighting with a broken "Visitor Homepage" for two days now.   This is getting frustrating - to say the least.

Antonio Ancelmo Matos

It really has been a disaster updating Phpfox since this version 4.7.1. To upgrade to version I have suffered a lot. And version 4.7.2 is even worse. I was updating my site and it did not open, in place appeared a 500 error page. I was desperate, did not know what to do, and in desperation I reinstalled everything again in 4.7.1 and of which I do not intend to leave so soon, as long as I can have specialized support. Fortunately I had backed up my site before, and was able to restore everything. More and more I come to the conclusion, that Phpfox is a very expensive script, where everything is very expensive, a script to get people's money to the last penny. How many apps I bought and today do not work in the current versions of Phpfox, because there are others similar to the same, but very expensive.


if you need service with updating you can contact me. i recommend to update because 472 is much more stable.


I still have the problem
The solution at. Blocks. Delete the block you entered on the member page. And look at the numbers of blocks usually be added blocks above 100.
Here in society do not tire yourself in the search for a solution. There are no solutions to whether the money has been paid. And developers. They know the solution and are waiting for you. In order for the agreement to be $ 49 I paid just like you to see my problem in the forum. Thanks



Mohammed Alex

I cant even imagine having a site in production and ending up with lay out issue with you Landing Page due to an update supposed to bring improvements. am having in issues in test site only updating this theme, so i will considere dropping it for the sake of my site many other part of the phpfox and other third party need to be very selective and carefully test every feature and pick the right ones and leave the rest...unfortunately it takes a lot of time and there is a lot to ditch.





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