What happened?

When I posted an image with a url in the description, the url works (is clickable) in the feed, but when the image is viewed directly by clicking on it to enter detail view, the url is not active (not clickable), and appears as normal text.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Upload and image and put a url in the image description
  2. View the image in the feed. The url works
  3. Click the image to see it in detail view. The url you have in the description does not work.

What is expected?

The url should work in both views so that users can share a website or link related to their photos

Browsers and Devices tested

Chrome on Android, Chrome on Windows 10, Firefox on Windows 10

Server information

None relevant. Tested on both the Material and Bootstrap demos

phpFox version

phpFox 4.7.1


Last update on December 3, 2018 by Nativedragon11.
David phpFox

Hi Nativedragon11,

This is issue of Photo, we will check and fix it in next version.

Best Regards,

David Nguyen.

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