Before I submit a feature request, I thought I better check, incase I'm missing something, is there a way to change the front-end view of points, eg. in gifts?  The thought of gifts and ability to purchase things with points is awesome but in my opinion, the price of a gift at the front-end should be the points value, the monetary value of points should be back-end, there's really no need for users to know it. It's just a user-experience thing, my users are far more likely to purchase gifts if they see a points price, with the option of buying extra points if necessary, but when a user sees a cash value of a digital item, they're quite likely to not proceed any further...


See, as with the username/display name thing, I just think it's a really weird way of going about something. It should be configurable. it should work the same way wiredclub, and most other gamification apps do:

  1. you play the game (use the site), and rack up points  < encourages user interaction
  2. you have the opportunity to send those points, exchange them for egifts to send to people
  3. IF you run out of, or don't have enough points or credits, you can buy a package (yes PHPFox has this) for a cash amount, and recieve points in exchange

That's how just about every facebook/phone game works, and sites that employ gamification methods, anyway, anyone have any views or thoughts on this? because at the moment, presuming the option doesn't exist I'll probably end up editing code or making a separate app just for that small change

Last update on December 5, 2018 by LEthaLity.

Agreed. I'd liket o see points (custom or other wise). Should also be able to create limited number of (rare) virtual gifts so they can buy and sell from each other. Have a virtual gift market place.

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I agree with LEthaLity....either give the option to use one or the other.  But I would like to use points instead of money on everything and if they need more points then they can purchase them.

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Well I've done it as a feature request, if people could go there, etc to support it so it's not just totally dismissed by some guy who has no idea how people think. Gifts and activity points are part of the softwares gamification features, but it's dirtied by the initial visibility of money.

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natalino castro

very nice idea. i think every one will love it

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