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  1. cannot add cover photo
  2. cannnot set cover photo from existing photo within page album
  3. profile photos from other users showing up in pages album
  4. when viewing pages profile photo in album, you can load photo infinite times by pressing load more button
  5. cannot delete profile photo

...and who knows what else... These are bugs that I found in 1 minute when created page after the update...

Paul Kellow

I would like to know if the demo site is upgraded to 4.7.1

I can confirm that our demo site has been upgraded to 4.7.1. 


First I want to say thank you to Paul for letting me know the demo was 4.7.1.  I think it would be helpful in the future when you upgrade the site that you put in the Site Title as "phpfox 4.7.1 Demo" because if I knew immediately I would have not posted because then I would have know it was my site issue and not phpfox upgrade.  I don't think I would have been so mad because then I would have immediately started looking for the problem instead of complaining about it...sorry.

Ok, after spending many hours I have figured out it was a combo of two items.  I know it was a combo because I created a backup so when I figured it out I reinstalled the backup and did this combo and my site now works for me to move forward to check more stuff.

So I had to reinstall photo app.  Not sure if a third party app messed it up or maybe something happened during the install...don't know.  But I had to reinstall it to fix my issues.

The second fix was to shut off Video Viewer Popup by YouNetCo which does not work on IE (even their demo app does not work with IE).  So I have that shut off until they issue a fix which should not be that long because they just issued the same fix for their Photo Viewer Popup.


I have enough bugs without 3rd party so I don't use it... I only use material theme last 3 updates since I get error 500 douring the update if I don't ...

And also, photos do not get deleted from server when I hit delete button...



In regards to photos being deleted from the server when you click delete.  Well, most software will not go back on the server to actually find the image to delete it.  Why?  When you look at the cost of storage compared to the value of accidentally deleting someone image permanently either on purpose or by a hack makes most software as well as your hard drives to remove the location pointer and not delete the actual file.  That is why they say...deleting a file on your hard drive may not permanently delete it which has made my customers happy when they lose photos. Even FaceBook says:

"When you choose to delete something you shared on Facebook, we remove it from the site. Some of this information is permanently deleted from our servers; however, some things can only be deleted when you permanently delete your account."

Although Instagram and Apple keep photos for 30 days after you delete them but they are a billion dollar business with a multi million dollar software to find a way to remove images and not getting in trouble...pretty clever I think.

So being a coder for decades...I would say the text may be instantly remove and the only reason for that would the transactional database would be huge for processing time.

I will be testing out the group section...hoping everything goes well :)

Last update on December 10, 9:42 pm by JohnJr.

A spammer posted a blog and when I click on the link, I get this; 

The blog you are looking for cannot be found.

I tried to post a blog myself, and the page just gets refreshed and nothing happened. Few minutes after, there's a news feed saying that I posted the same blog as spammer...

Also, every activity notification get's posted twice in news feed...

Last update on December 11, 8:57 am by AFRIKA.

when posting event, page refreshes and ther is no green notification that the event is posted. Going back to events, there is a event created but clicking on it, says 

The event you are looking for does not exist or has been removed.

I've noticed that both blog and event have ID 0...




When posting new poll, everything is fine, but I cannot click on the poll created. It just refreshes the page...

Same ID 0


When posting a quiz, I get error There was an error with your quiz, please try again.

When I go back to quizes page, the quiz is created and working fine... ??

Also ID 0



Updated pages to latest version and now new problems...

When I create a new page, I get this;  "You are not allowed to like this item."


16 same pages were created!!! EPIC!!!

Coding skill 10/10...


There is something definitely going on...

I just noticed these menu being on the home page for guest that should not be there (music, invite and an add-on) so I went into the menu and checked, and those were not clicked for display...did all the usual stuff like finding missing settings...etc.  Still didn't work which was odd because the other menu items (blog, video) that were not showing for guest, which is correct and those setting looked the same.  I even called it up on different browsers.  Then by chance, I moved music down into a different position and then it disappeared for the guest...but the invite, and the add-on was still there.  Had to keep moving those around up and down in the order until they disappeared...what is up with that.

Then also today advance blogs by younetco for a guest membership you can click on an individual blog as a guest as you will see it but if as a guest clicks on a category it says no results found.  Although if you log in as a user, then the categories work you might think it is YouNetCo issue but this was a fresh install, and  when I go to my development site which I upgraded from 4.7.0 to 4.7.1 I have no issues with the guest menus or the guest categories.  So it isn't the advance blog that has the issue.  This site is just acting weird.

Afrika, was your site a fresh install or an upgrade?





Rly? 10 days and no reply from devs... Can someone tell me why the faq is every activity in database set to id=0??? page, group, poll...etc...

David phpFox


Please submit us a support ticket and we will check on your site to get the root cause of this issue.

Best Regards,

David Nguyen.