Ionut Zapototchi

I  post today a tread abouth menu colapsing on the Group Index page And the Pages Index Page and profille page ,withouth reason . I am accesing site from a computer , instead the menu is shouwing that 3 dots and this is not the worst thing but when i click that 3 dots is opening the menu on the left so half is outside of the screen .The phpfox 4.7.1 and younetco business template . I dont know from where is the fault from phpfox or from template so this is why i seeked advice on forum . I am not good at all with css so i need help with that . SIte is : you can see even like guest the same behave .

- I tested with latest Chrome and Mozilla

- Server info : Current PHP version:  7.2 , 

allow_url_fopen On
apc.rfc1867 Off
apc.shm_size 64M
date.timezone Europe/Amsterdam
display_errors On
error_reporting E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
file_uploads On
include_path .;/path/to/php/pear
log_errors Off
mail.force_extra_parameters no value
max_execution_time 3000
max_input_time 600
max_input_vars 1000
memory_limit 512M
open_basedir no value
post_max_size 32M
session.save_path /tmp
short_open_tag On



Core Version: 4.7.1
PHP Version: 7.2.12
PHP Sapi: litespeed
PHP safe_mode: False
PHP open_basedir: False
PHP Disabled Functions: None
PHP Loaded Extensions: Core date libxml openssl pcre sqlite3 zlib bz2 calendar ctype curl hash filter ftp gettext gmp SPL iconv pcntl readline Reflection session standard shmop SimpleXML mbstring tokenizer xml litespeed imagick posix tidy bcmath imap pspell dba odbc intl dom snmp json PDO soap wddx enchant ldap sockets fileinfo xmlreader gd pdo_mysql xmlrpc exif xmlwriter PDO_ODBC xsl pdo_pgsql pdo_sqlite mysqli sysvmsg zip mysqlnd pgsql sysvsem sysvshm Phar ionCube Loader Zend OPcache
Operating System: Linux
Server Timestamp: December 7, 2018, 11:34 am (GMT)
GZIP: Enabled
SQL Driver Version: MySQL 5.7.24-log
SQL Slave Enabled: No
SQL Total Slaves: N/A
SQL Slave Server: N/A
Memory Limit: 0.5 b (-1)
Load Balancing Enabled: No
Total Server Memory: 64427 MB
Available Server Memory: 4995 MB
Current Server Load: 5.56



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David phpFox

Hi Ionut Zapototchi

This issue belong to template. Please contact with owner of "Business Template" to check it.

Best Regards,

David Nguyen.

Last update on December 8, 2018 by David phpFox.
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Ionut Zapototchi

Hello , thank you . I just sent a tiket to owner : YouNetCo , we will see what they are saying .

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