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Hello Younetco,

There is no any update or improvement plan? It’s been almost 3 years now and the product no more use or useless now. This not what we expect for investing abandoned product. We are agree to pay additional if you have release a new improvement but not like this that you abandoned the product for very long time and I feel very very sad. Please continue the improvement of your one of the most expensive product.




Is it true they are not selling it anymore?  It makes sense since Phpfox is YouNetCo...well kinda of :)


Many people know about it ... I just wonder something else. Google Company is actively working to create a new mobile operating system and no one guarantees that Apple will exist for a long time. Also, no one predicts what will happen with Android and iOS, for example in 5 years. New operating and mobile systems are new mobile apps as well as large investment investments from customers and developers. It's just thinking out loud, maybe everything will be ok ...



Happy new year 2019!

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