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What happened?

Hi i try to upload video but they will not showed it

Steps to reproduce:

  1. upload
  2. share the video
  3. nothing happen

Browsers and Devices tested

All browser

(Example: Chrome on iPhone X, Safari on Macbook, Miscrosoft Edge on Windown 10, Firefox on Ubuntu 16.04, ...)

Server information

debian, php7.1

phpFox version



chronjob is configured like in the description and work!

ffmpeg is ok


but not work for me

i try with this app

and work but not with phpfox video app, same issue on the phpfox demo site


please help on this



Last update on December 31, 9:10 am by natalino castro.
natalino castro

any feedback on this?

Last update on January 5, 10:37 am by natalino castro.

Hi natalino castro,

Please enable debug mode from your site ( and see error log from file main.log after run cron job.

Submit us a support ticket if have issues related core video.

Thank you.

natalino castro

Hi vivian

thx for answer

i try it, and i have not error, upload work fine, they write on the database everything, but the video will not showed on my video page




Hi natalino castro,

Please submit us a support ticket and we will check on your server.

natalino castro

this by upload of every file format, avi, flv, mp4, wmv, etc. etc


i think your ffmpeg version is old try to upgrade to version 3.3.3 ore newer

natalino castro

hi hellas thxs for answer

i will try to check it

but i have to say that the video upload work but only with this app

not with phpfox video app

natalino castro

I check it and im using the latest version of ffmpeg

natalino castro

any news? the thread is now 14 days old

natalino castro

Sorry but this is unbeliveble 

How long time need to check this?

Or phpfox dont care about his apps?



natalino castro




Last update on January 17, 7:06 am by natalino castro.
natalino castro

21 days later still not work, ticked was closed without answer


thxs phpfox !!!!


21 days later still not work, ticked was closed without answer


thxs phpfox !!!!


As I saw that phpFox staff suggested you to submit a ticket on their client area, have you made it? As we know that it needs to learn on your site to know why.

We also reviewed this product on our side and video worked well.

You should follow them and if possible, update the result here later for other users to know the root cause.

Kind Regards,




We just discovered that there's a wrong thing on your configuration, perhaps ffmpeg of phpFox site and ffmpeg running on terminal is on two different versions.

Terminal: it's /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg

phpFox site: please check path, it should be matched with /usr/local/bin/ ffmpeg

Kind Regards,