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Dear phpFox developers! Happy New Year holidays! But for whom the New Year begins well, and for someone, with complaints from users to site administrators. You have removed the separation of language phrases by app - the same phrases are used in different apps. But you did not think that the same phrase could mean a different meaning and perception for the participants of the site. In addition, when deleting apps, it is impossible to find all the phrases that relate to this app. The database is filled with unnecessary language phrases of remote apps and takes a huge amount - it can not even be imported. Try importing a database larger than 500 MB - fail (error 500).

Now, according to complaints from users of my network (my kernel version is 4.7.1)

For a year now, the solution of errors of incorrect encoding of some phrases in a user profile has been going on - the phrase "Contacts" is not correctly depicted in Russian or Ukrainian. See the screenshot.

Some sites on the news feed (feed) are displayed with incorrect coding, which puts the site users in shock and they do not understand how this can be on the site. See the screenshot.

Advertising app also incorrectly encodes characters. Ukrainian and Russian language incorrect encoding - in English is correct. See the screenshot.

I have a wish for you in the New 2019 - change your strategy regarding the correct display of the language on various non-English-language sites. Correct language errors - this is all annoying. All with the New Year holidays - good luck, health and the accomplishment of all your desires! Sincerely.

David phpFox

Hi websistema2013,

Thansk for your post!

About issue of incorrect encoding, we are checking and will fix it in next vesion.

Best Regards,


Technical Project Manager

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