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1. Sharing the main contest link on social media shows "Create Blog – Music – Photo – Video (if your site already have the Video Channel of YouNet) contests for other members to participate in"  in seo_contest_meta_description

2. Sharing contest link on facebook does not show image

3.. The image in the phppfox feed is not clickable.

4. The social share is not visible when members are logged out, but not when logged in so they can't share it via the social buttons. 

5. When viewing the contest, if you click on the contest image on the left (abve the invite link). The image will pop out and you cannot close it. If you scroll down the image will get messed up.

6. If the they make a mistake on the date and then try to publish, it will ask them to do it again, but the attached images and uploaded images disappear.

Overall the contest creation user experience is absolute horrible and non intuitive, It really needs a lot of improvements / overhaul to make it more user friendly.

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