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First both plugins havent been updated for too long except for compatibility which make them obsolete.

Second there is a list of missing elements and recruitment industry non standard functionalities pointed below:

Job posting

- I cant believe we cant search jobs , filter jobs at the very least by Region or Categories...this is unseen

- Location info as well as other crucial infos missing on job listing

- repetitive blocks with same jobs suggestions on job you may be interested, recent jobs posted and hot jobs without possibility of settings...still wondering logic for those blocks...

- If anyone knows how to set up the company slider on the company page showing in demo site, no idea where to find this.

- unable to turn apply to job package when no one in this planet charge candidate for job apply ?!?@

- job alert is okay however dont see where its manageable ?? if any one knows ... also "expire before" ...what does that mean in the job alert...its sooo confusing



- no ability to search resume other than key word field...unseen

- who viewed me and resume view access linked service not chargeable and no email is sent...unbelievable

- who viewed is related to candidate and cv search to business, should not be attached and should redirected to membership at least

- has anyone experienced the resume import from linked ? if yes does it scrap infos from resume document of Linkedin members or their profiles, unclear and untested.

- when consulting resume, last viewed date should be mentioned, and note pad showed in a professional way...anyone can note, any one can email resume does not make sense and its not even controllable...


Overall both plugins does not meet the recruitment industry standards and are totally obsolete. Those inconstistencies make them unsusable for a serious job board recruitment module addon without extensive customization...and i only pointed the basic requirements..there is way more things to better to get to a real good plugin...wordpress does well with several plugs ins and they are all actualized.



( 10 years in the online recruitment business) 








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Last update on February 22, 11:46 pm by Mohammed Alex.


We appreciate your contribution to help our products; we will bring your messages to our development team.

"Second there is a list of missing elements and recruitment industry non standard functionalities pointed below"

Besides, for this, we also received your similar message on our ticket system, and we already replied to you there.

Thanks very much.

Kind Regards,


Mohammed Alex

We would prefer some serious testing is made before releasing commercial plugins...there is clearly a list of malfunction and the long term missing update roughly over 2 years is not acceptable comign from younetco.

We are customers not testers and we cant spend the time helping you out with the bugs fixing.

Please respond to questions stated above in the first post...





Thanks for your back response, we understand for your reports, some of our designs perhaps are not met with your needs, we already brought your messages for our development team to consider to improve.

For settings of blocks, you can find at AdminCP >> Apps >> Installed >> Job Posting >> Settings >> "Number of items on the block "Recent Job Posting", "Job You May Be Interested In", "Hot Job Posting."

We support to filter jobs by Country, City

"Expired before" in Search, you can find Jobs expired before a certain time, please find in Job creation, there's a field as "Expired on"

On Resume, import from Linkedin, API of LinkedIn only allows to get basic info, so we fetch things possible.

For missing features/functions on Resume and Job Posting, we will note to bring to the next version.

If we have any info more, we will update for you.

Kind Regards,


Mohammed Alex

There is no explanation nor any demo what so ever of how the resume import is set up and did not consider it was a crucial information to develop ?

i am baffled by the lack of communication of all sort.



I found this question on our ticket system, our support staff has replied to you for that.

Mohammed Alex

Yes and you replied that many issues were pending fixing on the plugins and we are still waiting for those to be fixed...i am sharing my experience of purchasing services and plug ins from YOUNETCO with the rest of the community and other potential Phpfox users...people need to know that there are major problems and that your customers are kept waiting with sugar coated replies without the ability to talk to someone who can really provide support.

This morning again, i was told that a major correction that should be brought to the Job Posting plugin regarding photo upload will be considered in the next batch as an improvement.

There is a perception discrepency between both customers and support and thats  a source of can you call a bug, an issue which is  in fact a correction to bring and put it in the improvement list  as a  queue when it should be fixed urgently as the customer paid for it already meaning it should be considered as acquired ? Same for  the resume import from Linkedin in the Resume plugin and i pass many other glitches ...

This situation is becoming unacceptable and requires an urgent consideration.

Last update on March 3, 12:21 pm by Mohammed Alex.
Mohammed Alex

- unable to cancel job alert

- job posting have no duration 

- photo upload badly rendering 

- no multicurrency job slots 

Mohammed Alex

- resume format = unknown 

- no endorsement

- services such as cv search and who viewed are bound ....only god knows why ...without giving you the ability to sell directly, admin need to email potential user who request for service...what is the use having a computer ?! 

Mohammed Alex

When a job is posted no time field is reauired in todays markets nor should be the expiry date...sicne we sell the job slot per time ...this needs to be corrected.




I found this question on our ticket system, our support staff has replied to you for that.

Mohammed Alex

 unable to cancel job alert  _ this has been fixed but nobody knows where and how  ...

- job posting have no duration 

- photo upload badly rendering 

- no multicurrency job slots 

_ company reviews missing

if younetco core want a feedback they can contact me

Mohammed Alex

6 months since the last bug fixing ...and so little have been done, and sloppily by the way ... do your plug ins have a future ?