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Getting this error when trying to connect to import contacts: Provider returned an error: unauthorized_client The client does not have a secret configured. If you are the client application developer, configure a secret through the application management site at

In addition, I set all the permission as shown in the instructions:

I have followed all instructions and have the app secret and app id correct. What else could it be?

Last update on February 28, 3:28 am by Hamada.
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Also, what is the logout url for single sign out?

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Now other errors! I cannot get this to work at all. Only login works. Import contacts and social connect give errors.

Error: Provider API returned an unexpected response.

In addition, parental controls cause errors: Provider returned an error: access_denied The user has denied access to the scope requested by the client application. There has to be a better error handling when this happens.

Last update on February 28, 3:17 am by Hamada.
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To make matters worse, the settings in the social login are buggy. It does not work. I do not want social logins to verify their emails and get approved right away. Instead, the user is getting the regular login screen after sign up with live account. This really sucks. It must be intefering with core registration settings of having users verify their email. In this case, the user is registered and gets the login screen and cannot possibly know the password. If they try to login again with their live account, they get the regular login screen. They are not even aware that an account was created for them.

It took me a lot of digging to realize that the social login app will not work properly if the registration setting to approve accounts manually is turned on. This should be documented in the apps and proper error messages / notices must be shown to the user if that scenario happens.

Finally, when I removed the manual verification of accounts, I got a message saying adaptor succefully connected when I tried to login with a live account, then an email saying that my account is approved. OK, where is the password? I still could not login with my live accunt and if I tried again, it says invalid account.

I am giving up on all your apps. Four apps I purchased today and not a single one worked properly. Uninstalled all.


Last update on February 28, 5:50 am by Hamada.
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Ivan Belan


I realized that WindowsLive changed their API recently, which mean Import Contact and Social Login did not work with WindowsLive normally, i'll update these apps in near future, will notify you by email.

If you have any questions or issues just send me direct email, that i can help you to configure my apps -

Ivan, Foxexpert.

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Ivan Belan


i've updated  my apps and fixed most of reported errors:

Social Login 4,75
Removed approve and verify email for social accounts

Automatically approved  and verified their email, even global settings are set

Import Contacts 4,75
Include skype integration
Fixed a few languages phrases
Added check disabled csv,invite and export in controllers too
Remove not required fields from export contacts
Remove windowsLive
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