Mohammed Alex

Although we have pointed numerous issues when testing the ad module and received a recent update, the issues are still persisting and all we can notice is that one field has been hidden this what we need to accept as an update ?

- Ads still disappearing when clearing the cache in admin ... confusing for administrator

- Cpm selection is still present in the option menu of pay per click ..although option is not available for end user and admin

- url of destination is mandatory...although all ads should not take to a link

- ads keep on runnign even when setting click limits runs for while exceeding the number of clicks 

- ads keep on showing but status is ended ad show still active both on admin and website

- When click is exceeded ad sty on site but takes ANY user of the site to the maage ad this a navigtion issue ?

All those bugs make the module unusable and need urgent attention

Topics: betters ads, ads
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