I noticed that you have released new versions of some phpfox applications, but unfortunately all of them are available for version 4.7.4 ...

Maybe you can make it available for the phpfox 4.7.3 version so that I can update and fix the bugs that are in this version? 
Unfortunately, I can not update the entire phpfox to the new version 4.7.4, because the development team introduced some changes to the core, so I thought that although updating the application will allow me to patch some bugs in the applications themselves.

I noticed that earlier versions of the application often supported 1-2 previous phpfox releases, and now I can not update the application if the latest version of phpfox is not installed.

Maybe you can update the application (or some of them) for the phpfox 4.7.3 version? I do not think they are incompatible.

I will be grateful for changing the possibility of updating the top apps for the phpfox 4.7.3 version in the store.

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Paul Kellow

Hi Kerstar

I agree with your point. I can confirm that we always try our best to make our new app versions compatible as many as phpFox versions. However, in some special cases, new app versions with new features can work only on the latest phpFox version. That's why these apps are released along with phpFox 4.7.4.

So, in order to use the latest version of phpFox apps, you should ask your developer to upgrade your site to phpFox 4.7.4

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