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Without a sort, this app is a pain to manage. Some albums like audio books, lectures, podcasts etc... are kinda useless without proper sorting. I have to disable this app until this is sorted! I was relying on audio book contents coming in chapters. This is a huge drawback.

Last update on March 12, 6:35 pm by Hamada.
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I have same problem

1) When I upload song to albulm it sort incorrectly, look like sort by upload time

2) If don't have sort option at lease should sort by song name. [a -z] [0-9]

3) It should take out required field  "Year"  it should be just option

some time it hard to find what year of albulm


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Dear vktechnology,

I just verified and noticed that it's sorted on "time_stamp" field in phpfox_music_song (upload time)

Kind Regards,


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