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Using the Material Theme, if I turn on Bundle JavaScript & CSS in the admincp, then my home page image does not show up in IE 11.  If I shut it off, the home page image shows up.


I can not reproduce your issue, can you reproduce on phpFox demo site?


Vivian, you know I love you my little Jane Jetson cartoon look alike...but have you been drinking ;)

First, the material theme demo is one place I don't have admin rights which is probably a good thing :) but I am unable to either turn on or turn off the bundle setting or even know what it is currently set at.

Second, although you do have a demo for the admin site, this site is set up as a subdomain and from what I can tell is that even if you put in the subdomain without the /admincp you are still redirected back to the admincp idea, but again here I am unable to see the homepage.

This is not new...has been an issue for me at least since the beginning of V4.  I usually have to shut off the bundle set.  Again, it only happens on IE11.  It works perfectly on firefox and chrome.

Maybe someone else can chime in who is using the Material Theme?


Dear JohnJr,

I confirm that "Bundle JS & CSS" setting is alway enabling on our demo site, but we can't reproduce your issue. Please submit us a support ticket, we will check on your site.


Dear Vivian,

I thank you so much for the confirmation that it is a problem on my site as well as the offer to submit a ticket.  I will try to waste some of my time before I waste your time :)

This is a small issue compared to this issue.  If you could be so kind and check this out as well.  I don't think my CSS editor is updating the autoload.css file anymore.  See the following thread: