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Thank you for your quick response.

The way I understand your three level categories system is that to be in each level you require a record to point to the level (which perfectly makes sense)

So if I have three level category (Trucks/Cars/Boats >Trucks > 4WD)

If you clicked on the Trucks/Cars/Boats category, it would show the blog

If you clicked on Trucks category, it would show that same listing

If you clicked on the 4WD category, it would show that same listing.

This is accomplished with three records in your ynblog_category_data

Example of one I just did in your previous version:

Category_data_id blog_id Category_id Is_main
10 4 11
11 4 12
12 4 13 1

Now in the new version, it seems like it is only putting in one record (the one where is_main is 1 or in this case category_data_id record 12)

So for the end user and using the example above if you click on:

Main Index page - blog shows as well as if it is featured it will show as well.

Trucks/Cars/ Boats - No results found

Trucks - No results found

4WD - blog shows


As I mentioned above, this is an unconfirmed bug.  The reason is that I have a lot of hacks, although I don't see where any of my customizations would affect this.  I would nott think it was a permission issue since the one record is inserted. I did see that you fixed the issue with friends only community (although you didn't mention it on your update report) connecting advanced blogs with phpfox privacy setting in that if you set it to friends only you cannot have advanced blogs privacy set to everyone which I was sad to see removed.  Some might purchased the extra blog app just to have the ability to post public blogs that everyone can see, including guest.


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