Dear members,

I would appreciate if someone would explain to me how to set up different default privacy and notification settings for each user group... and one's user change to other user-group the default settings will change automatically. Now on sign-up its ONE default privacy settings for everyone despite of user group and we can only give or remove access to adjust it.

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Jonathan Mitchell

Only app I know of that address that was Webwolf's User Presets addon . It was for V3 but it worked with earlier V4 versions too. You could adjust which notifications and privacy setting for new Registered Users group. If you have multiple group types at registration, I'm not sure if it would work, but it may

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I remember that app.  I used it and loved it.  Miss webwolf's motivation!


Webwolf solved so many of my v3 issues. I really do miss him. Whoever he was.

He made me the first v3 ORPHAN file detector and remover script. Too bad it no longer works for v4. I know v4 has remove unused files but I am skeptical.

More tests needs to be done.

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