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Hi to all :)
I have migrate from share-host to dedicate server all when fine with upload content and database but I am facing a problem..... Only my lading page is open if i click any where else blank page is open and says File not found.

The root folder in share-host is public_html and in dedicate is httpdocs. Is this could cause the problem??

phpfox version 4.7.4

I have try to upgrade from 4.7.4 to 4.7.5 and all when fine but the problem persist...

Can someone give some advise please?? 

Here is a screenshot from log in plesk panel

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Dear Hellas,

Hope everything is working now on your site? Was it solved?

If not yet, you need to get in touch with your hosting or phpFox team via ticket system, they will check this for you to know why the problem is?

Just see your screenshot, it's very hard to detect so no one replied here from your posted point.

Kind Regards,


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thank you for the response and sorry for the delay my problem it was the htaccess file. Thank you again..!!!

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