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I have a dumb newbie question. :) If I add a simple block on a page that just contains HTML and JS code, and it uses additional Javascript libraries, where would I put the libraries to make sure they're accessible from everywhere? I presume there's a way to get them to automatically load on each page, but I'm still very unfamiliar with the file and folder structure. There's no PHP or controller involved in this block - I just pasted the HTML into the block and it appears to load, but it can't find the JS files, and I presume I shouldn't link to them from the block either - I'd rather link from the main header.

Last update on April 28, 11:53 pm by Lee Flier.

you can add the libraries to the layout file of your theme. go to theme editor, edit your theme, open html tab...


Thank you, yes, I considered that, but I was hoping there was a more universal place so that the JS libraries would still be available even if I change themes.

Last update on April 29, 3:38 pm by Lee Flier.

And I was also wondering where to actually put the libraries. Just looking for recommended best practices here... I can hack things in but I'd rather do it the right way and it seems there's a way to add JS libraries and auto-load them, for any theme.


Dear Lee Flier,

I know another way to include JS libraries into all pages, it's you create a block with the "Site Wide" option and place JS into it.

They will be kept if switching other themes.

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Ahh, very good! I’ll try that, thanks. 

Where would you put the JS libraries themselves?


Dear Lee Flier,

If you'd like to load on all pages, you can place at "Side Wide". Otherwise, you can place near your HTML codes

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