I've been changing some Profile Privacy Settings and ensuring they achieve what I think, and want them to, and I have a question about two of them:
View your basic information

These two really seem to refer to the same Profile tab/section, but the outcomes are quite different.
With 'View your basic information' enabled, a user can view the 'Info' tab which contains basic info, when you change that back to Community (my test user is logged in), and set '

Item/Section Privacy

The item or section you are trying to view has specific privacy settings enabled and cannot be viewed at this time.

So I'm confused about what that setting is actually protecting, it's either unnecessary, or at the least the style of the error message isn't in keeping with the others.



Very odd indeed.

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Dear LEthaLity,

Let me address out things which I know on this system. Its permission is in order

View Your Profile >> View your profile information >> View your basic information

1. View your profile

This is the highest permission, and it will limit to access profile

2. View your profile information

Just take effect if #1 is available and its scope is on the "Info" tab

3. View your basic information

Just take effect if #1 and #2 are available and its scope is on "Basic info" section in "Info" tab

So based on the user decision to choose a suitable option.

Ex: I want to hide Basic info only as sensitive info (#1, #2 are on, and #3 is off)

Besides, the core will redirect to a unique page relating to the permission and you will not have a separate message on each section.

Kind Regards,


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