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Does phpfox4 v latest work well with cloudflare?

Has anyone had experience with this?


I had mine set up with Cloudflare free version, and it worked well.  I remember all the free options worked except for one...but I cannot remember which one.  If you have issues after you try it, let me know, and I will go back and see if I can figure out which option I had to turn off.  I only removed Cloudflare because I was going to do something different with my subdomains and Cloudflare only gave 5 URL redirects for free and then they charge, so that was going to be too expensive as I was looking at a lot of subdomain redirects.


I tried it yesterday and it worked ok. It didn't speed it up much because phpfox v4.7.5 has a feed issue with advanced feed. It takes ages to load up regardless. 

I'm just wondering if there will be an update or fix for this.

I was checking the data transfer and cloudflare is a bit stingy on bandwidth. Most of the data is still my server dishing out. I think it's almost not worth it.

Maybe for ddos the protection.

I might opt for wasabi cdn but not sure yet.


Who makes the advanced feed?  I do not have that app...sorry.  But I do remember I did gain some speed when I turned on something...let me go back to Cloudflare and see if my old mind can remember.  The free version is worth it if you can't afford a paid version and the DDoS protection is a bonus.  Which version are you using?



I think it was under speed for auto minify.  I either unchecked them or checked them, I don't remember but what ever I did made it faster.


I'm using the free version. I checked everything but it's not a speed issue with delivery. It's in code I think. It slightly pauses when the advanced feed loads. There is almost nothing you can do about this 1-2 second delay. It's like it has nothing to do with delivery or your servers spec.

My server is dedicated 8 cores, 64 gb ram 500 gb nv ssd on a 1gbps guaranteed bandwidth and I'm using memcached, redis, and nginx with TONS of memory allocated to the speed. Even got cloudflare helping and have my images offloaded to my faster server. Yet no difference at all.

"I tested this on the FB clone demo on younetco and it's the same exact SLOW load." <---------

The only way to salvage this is to have feed limit 1-2 posts but that's absurd, my family using it was just laughing at the issue.

note: tested this on 5 other servers. Shared, vps, cloud , digital ocean vps, and locally NO server.


Same result. It is the advanced feed that is slow. That initial advanced feed module LOAD is horrible.