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What is the purpose of this feature?

I noticed it doesn't clear out ORPHANDED files no longer used or anything.

Can somebody explain to me exactly what it does and which files this is?

I think it needs to be fixed.

Does this compare what's in pics with what;'s not in database?


this function deletes files of apps/modules/core that are not longer needed. use it after installing apps or updating the core system.


Oh so there's still no ORPHANED image files or files maintainence after all these years and years???

That's something that I've been waiting on forever.

Now i'm kinda booed.

Any ideas where I can find such a script to clean up the PIC dir/subdirs if not in use??

Last update on May 14, 3:52 am by Paris.

my app comment image advanced has a built in maintanance feature for cleaning files. maybe i can change it to check the uploaded images of the photos app. please contact me via phpfox store.

Last update on May 14, 3:26 pm by Scheinwelt-Media.

Thankyou. I will.


Dear Paris,

The purpose of that feature is for developers to remove files no longer used.

Example of the Core Blog app


$aPluginFiles[] = 'PF.Base/module/blog/';
$aPluginFiles[] = 'PF.Site/Apps/core-blogs/Block/PopularTopic.php';
$aPluginFiles[] = 'PF.Site/Apps/core-blogs/views/block/topic.html.php';

Remove those files/folders if existing

Kind Regards,