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Hi everyone,

I hope that all is going well. As you may know, the phpFox team already provided 3rd-party integration solutions for their mobile apps since the official release of Mobile app 1.3. Our team has been studying and working hard on their integration solution right then. You would be excited if seeing the working spirit at YouNetCo now. And, we have interesting updates for you today.

As the given solution, we will have YouNetCo API apps to integrate our products on the phpFox mobile apps.  According to our working plan, our 4 new YouNetCo API apps are going to be officially released in a few weeks. They are for supporting the Advanced BlogUltimate VideoAdvanced Event and Advanced Marketplace on phpFox Mobile apps. And, the progress is going pretty well so far.

Now, let’s take a quick look at what we have done at our end.

Kind Regards,