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ATM phpfox is way too bloated.

It is slow as heck. SO heavy right out of the box. It's basrely able to work fine on a mobile web browser.

There must be a halt to everything and start working on speed. There are way too many files, css, js, and to make it usable requires a lot of powerful systems, setups and caching. Yet still not fast enough after all that.

If phpfox don't concentrate on speed, in about exactl 2 years phpfox will be a thing of the past.

You got competition from crea8social, wow-wonder and a ton others who are about 25-10x's faster.

Please work on the speed. YOu got a good script, but the speed makes it so "unusable". What good is a script if each feature "module" you add slows it down by 10%?

So I am being honest here. I want to launch so bad but this kind of speed is just not hitting it. I run crea8social, wow wonder , flat script and a few other sites that are so blazing fast, it puts phpfox to shame on the speed scale.

My wow wonder site's feed is so fast you can't even feel the load time. It's instant. SO is my crea8social.  The

biggest drawback is they don't have much features yet. But they are getting there. You gotta work on speed or on 2 years you will be a thing of the past. Wow Wonder jsut added groups, pages, and tons of features. It's gonna be big soon. Its fast as hell too. INSTANT feed. They rock on a 1 core vps.

Maybe I said too much but my phpfox site is sitting on a dedicated 8 core with 64 gb ram and super fast ssd with varnish, memcache, opcache, brotli, and the entire possible way to speed it up. Not moving good at all like other scripts.

I don't wanna sound so negative but I'm stuck. PHPFOX is SLOW and to top it off, the CORE lifeline ADvanced feed is broken. Slow, has issues on mobile web browsers and nothing in the ync library is Lightweight. It's all heavy.

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