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Paul Kellow

Hi Paris,

Thank you for your feedback. I totally agree that speed and performance is one of the most important factors for any social network sites. Indeed, we always proceed testing performance of our releases to make sure they meet our expectations. You can refer to the official blog for more details about our performance test:

In summary, With a single standard server setup (4 CPU cores, 16G RAM, 250G SSD storage), phpFox can handle pretty well with 10k members with the concurrency level of 5%

According to our 2019 plan, we are going to implement new phpFox version with Mobiel First Design by embracing the latest Front-end technology. Speed will also be mainly focused to bring users better mobile experience.

For details of our 2019 plan, you can read our official blog at

Back to your problem with performance, I assume that your site is growing fast. With a big online community, you may need to have multiple servers to handle the load for application servers and database servers. With our test for a real network, we can manage to handle a phpFox community with 10M members with 20x server resources of the above standard single server setup. In this case, we recommend you to reach out to experts for good advice and help.

One issue that can impact site speed is to use too many unnecessary apps. The more apps are installed, the more server resources are consumed. You should optimize or reduce the number of apps installed on your site. You should also test how the site loads with and without apps enabled.

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