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The new phpfox has always been slow and this has been echoed many times over the years. By comparison take a look plenty of fish and keep in mind that this is tech from 2008 and has had significant improvements since then,.

I'm shocked by the speed. It's so slow compared to my other sites that use other brand. Those brands are spitting out feeds by the dozens without breaking a sweat on a 1 core vps.

This test site using phpfox of mine is on a dedicated beast machine and it's slow. Not even touching 5% of the cpu or memory. It's just not fast and it seems like the machine has nothing to do with it as it appears to perform nearly identical. It runs no better on 2core, 4core or even silly shared. It's as if it's as fast as it is. Not could be based on hardware at all. Note: got cloudflare, cdn, varnish, redis, memcache, nginx, and extra techniques to speed it up. I'm still seeing just minimal improvement. Barebones phpfox It's ok. Apps. Nothing can fix it. Run 0 apps is the solution it seem which would defeat the whole point of having apps.

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