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well I agree with everyone else.. speed with using the apps is what we pay extra for... if we want barebones, we can buy another script for way less money. But I can also agree that - I actually love phpfox as the IDEA behind all the extras...

they have done alot of work fixing things and adding more features, 

we just need to completely focus on speed now..

I am hoping 4.8 will be different ..

when your purchase this script you should give purchasers the specs next to each one to use for best performance and speed.

so example if you buy the phpFox V4 - Lite script - will require atleast 2vpu and 4gb ram and 80-160 gb ssd drives for great performance

if you buy the next up phpFox V4 - Pro - you need a dedicated server 8 core 64gb ram 250 plus ssd drive (examples)

also you really need to do something about all the Autoload.css per app

we need to cache this and combine them somehow to figure out a way to make them smaller somehow,, this in many cases is the slowness i see.. when testing. 

I have 2x E5-2670 v2 server 128gb ram 1000ssd drive - this is 20 core / 40threads and it does run well on my laptop at home pretty smooth but if I try mobile version, not the app it is a little slow when im not at home using 4-5g . and this is just test site not real people on the site... so I can imagine if it were a busy site,,

I would like to say it has been getting better, but needs to improve on speed more than anything else.. 

I am hoping that version 4.8 will be a huge difference.

either way I wish all of you to be healthy in crazy times now and would hope that phpfox listens to the customers that have been there with them for years and not only focus on new customers - like cPanel did with their customers and other companies that I see do with there customers.. out with the old customers and lets bait the new customers and make money for as long as it lasts. this is not a good model and leaves people to be upset. and ruins the reputaiton of any company... 

I am sure thats not going to happen now - I think phpfox does have good intentions and wants to help their customers and keep ading new features and progress in speed... final words Please work on Speed in version 4.8 so we all can be happy and secure to want to upgrwade and buy the apps and other features you are making...

we all want success but we all need speed to suceed as well... :)


PS. please dont be like the president and hate me now that I wrote this ( Joke LOL)

Best Regards,



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