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1- I want to regular users only have one language on  website .

How disable other laguages seceltion by users? like by guest or by regular users ?

2- if  it is not possible, We want to english language not be default  for guests that watching website for first time . and want like arabic language for example. What we to do that website show language that we want in home page for guests? example arabic and not english ?





What you can do is set Arabic as you default language, everyone and search engines will see Arabic as first language

Doing this go to

adminCP > language  

select your arabic  language  option  "Set As Default"



Dear hasan,

In order to limit a language for some user groups, it seems to be impossible, perhaps you need to customize at the place where you switch languages with some conditions.

Or Set by default a certain language with guidance from @vktechnology

Kind Regards,




I did. I made arabic as default in adminco .  but to now again i see english as default ! Alsi this does not belong to site cash.


Thank you very much


You  can test with another browser and register new user to see default language


thank you , may be due to cache and browser . but on mobile ad opera andfirefox i tested .

however thank you