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In my account menu is now the possibility "manage hidden"

I have tried this but I do not understand what I can do with this?

And if I do not want this function how can I remove this since this is not an app. (Delete from the php files?)

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Dear ReneC,

phpFox has just brought a new feature so that users can hide/unhide a post, or all posts from specific users, pages or groups that they don't want it displays in their feeds.  pls refer

This is the reason we need this page to manage all hidden posts from users, pages or groups.... where users can unhide it if needed.

Let us know if you still have any concerns.

Best regards,


Last update on July 3, 7:57 am by Hannah.

Dear Hannah,

It is clear to me, but if I hide a post in my timeline, and I come back later, I just see the post again, even if I hide the user, his post will return to my timeline, tested in my clean template and in material template.

If it were hidden I would understand, but now it doesn't really make sense?

You hide a post goes to groups for example, comes back on your time line and there is the same post again?

Maybe I don't understand the intention?


Dear ReneC,

You explained for this function correctly, I would like to confirm that you can hide/unhide in almost posts in your feeds except for sponsor items ;

>>> It is an issue and we will fix in the next patch. 

Sorry for this inconvenience and please wait for the next update.

Best regards,



Last update on July 9, 7:51 am by Hannah.

Dear Hannah

Okay, I understand, and I'll wait for the update.