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The current IM Chat on the native mobile apps are a great start but we need the ability to enable users to delete any of their own conversations. Right now you can only hide ones own  conversation. Once the conversation is unhidden the entire conversation string comes back. Not only is this a bad User Experience but also causes the node server  database  to grow with every conversation. With a large member base this could be unmanageable and also a poses security rusk and cause huge privacy issues  to have every members private conversations on your server without the member being able to delete his/her private messages.

This feature should be added asap before waiting a longer time for a compltete chat app update that is mentioned in your blog.  At least having the chat im now with a delete function would take care of the security issues or being responsibile to somehow delete the entire private chat records. But even then it shoud be left up to the user when he/she decides to delete their private messages.

Much apprecaited to please consider adding this ability to the core app chat for mobile asap.



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