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hi phpfox friends,

since we talked about performance and loading times of the core script in combination with third party apps i have updated some of my apps even if they are performing good in terms of speed. now there is better use of the internal cache system to avoid database queries, support for bundled scripts and there are less javascript variables and tags in the header. the code is improved and updated with new features for free. i will update other apps asap always trying to get the best performance. you can check the latest updates by sorting "Recent Updated" on my products page.

there is also a new app called "Comments Plus" that combines "Comment Image Advanced" and "Emoji Comment Advanced" and adds a new feature for animated stickers. Combining both apps also saves queries and performance.

If you own one of these two apps you will be able to upgrade to the new app with a special discount. since i will not continue to improve "Better Comment Image" you will also get a discount for the new apps. the apps have integrated a migration tool for old images. please leave me a message via store if you are interested in upgrading.

best regards




I hope to purchase more of your apps. So far they are the most optimized and effective in terms of speed and less bloat. Keep up the good work. You should be a part of core team. Have a nice day.


Yes...and one of two (cespiritual being the other) to add features instead of just keeping up with the current phpfox release or fixing their bugs.

I know of one developer I gave them code to make their product usable on other phpfox apps as well as YouNet apps, and they still didn't use it.   Now that was just dumb.

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