Dear All, 

We have basic notifications system in PHPFox in both Web and Mobile versions. 

I want to know how to auto generate notifications for below: 

1) Suggesting a Friend same as how we get it on Facebook App - "You have a new friend Suggestion <with name>". Frequency -  one profile every day. 

2) Whenever a user joins a group, he should be notified of feed, events, photos, videos etc, published in the group. Frequency - Initially, instant notifications, but should be configurable when many photos or videos are being posted. 

3) User should be given an option to unsubscribe from particular notifications in a group, lets say user is not interested in feed notification, he can uncheck it and only get notifications of other activities.  

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Dear srny,

Thank you for your suggestions, all of your ideas will be taken note and considered to improve in the future.

Thank you and best regards,


Hi Hannah, When will this feature be implemented? 

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