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Many of us use phpfox as a dating site/ adult tube site. With that said it is time to get with the modern era and put monetization in more places on the website. 

I would like to have an advanced browse filter. So users will have to subscribe to search using certain filters I select.


For example, it will be free to search age, gender, and location. However under the free filter will be a second “subscribers only” filter that allows selection of race/ethnicity, height, and other custom fields.


Many apps and popular websites have adopted this method of browse filtering and it works for them. One that comes to mind is Grindr.


Simply put there should be a basic browse filter for non-paying free members, and a customizable advanced browse filter for paying subscribers where the admin can select whichever custom fields they want to be available as additional filters. Both should be visible, this way non-subscribers will be enticed into subscribing because they will see the advanced filter and want the privilege to use it. This will help monetize browse members section of the website.


If anyone would be willing to make this app I will pay. Worth noting... many others would pay as well.

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