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I did this for Subscription 4.6.3 for a 3 year subscription or also called a "Triennial".  You will insert these lines and the line number is an estimated area where to insert the line.  Remember some of these are insert within a statement which have additional curly brackets.  Always backup your site first and if you don't understand code then don't do this.  This is just to give you an idea of what needs to be done and maybe phpfox will see how easy it is to change and use variable so we may enter the names (titles) and the amount of days as a variable.

Since phpfox already as case 1 - 4 subscription we will start with case 5 for my triennial.  If you only added weekly subscription then use case 5 for that but if  you use my triennial subscription then you would use case 5 for one of them and case 6 for the other.  For the example below you can use either one but not both since I am assigning only one case which is 5. 

PF.Site/Apps/core-subscriptions/Service/Callback.php (about line 124)

   case 5:                     $iExpiriTime = strtotime("+3 year", PHPFOX_TIME);                     break;


If you wanted to add only a weekly subscription option then only add this to this file:


case 5:                     $iExpiriTime = strtotime("+1 week", PHPFOX_TIME);                     break;


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