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(line 43){elseif $aPackage.recurring_period == 5}                                         {_p var='First Triennial'}

(line 74){elseif $aPackage.recurring_period == 5}                                     {_p var='triennial'}


If you wanted to add only a weekly subscription option then only add this to this file.


Since there is no phrase called First week you will need to enter it in Phrases in the admincp or if you don't know how to do that you could just leave out the two single quotes around the word First Week in the code below.  Without the single quotes it displays whatever you put after p var=

(line 43){elseif $aPackage.recurring_period == 5}                                         {_p var='First Week'}

(line 74){elseif $aPackage.recurring_period == 5}                                     {_p var='week'}

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