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Dear YouNetCo developers!

There is a problem in PhpFox 4.7.7 release with your product "Advanced Feed".

Conditions: fresh PhpFox 4.7.7 with only Advanced Feed installed.
When I write comment to the post and then reload page, comment dissappears. I can write some more comments and all of them dissapear after reloading page. They only appear after about 5 minutes of waiting an then reloading page.
Check it on your demo site.



Dear Dmitry Tkachenko,

Thank you for reporting this issue

It realated to Adv comment, we released a patch version 4.01p3 to fix this issue

Regarding Adv feeds, we will release an updated version very soon. Pleaes wait for our update.

Best regards,




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Last update on August 1, 8:09 am by Hannah.


No. It is not related to Adv Comment. I had installed your patch and tested on my developer site.

Moreover, I paid your attention that I tested on FRESH PhpFox 4.7.7.  On fresh PhpFox 4.7.7 comments work fine. When I install only Adv Feed I see that problem, as above.

I will wait for an updated version of Adv Feed. But, please, pay close attention to this issue! It is definitely incompatibility of Adv Feed with new PhpFox 4.7.7.