does anyone use their lottery app? how do i schedule a lottery? they have a end date but no start date. i like phpfox but i hate how there is very little support for the product and add ons.

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Hi Cedric Bridgewater,

Please try to contact FoxExpert and get the support from them?

Best regards/YouNetCo

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Cedric, I just looked at the app in the store.  With the images they are showing as example I don't see a start date.  What I am guessing he is doing is the lottery dates that seem to be scheduled in the upcoming menu is really end dates and in the lottery edit screen there is a radio button that says "is active" which if that is not checked then it would show up on the upcoming lottery list.  Sound like an odd way of doing it but there may be reasons that I don't know about.  Try it out and let me know...I am just guessing looking at the image here...

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