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Dear QueenMother305,

1. You can find phpfox devs at . By the way, we think that it takes much time for this customization if you want to implement for [+ Add new] and [♥ Like/favorite] action. As you can see, each action (for example add new photo, video, event...) will be associated with a specific add-ons/apps in phpfox site, so system need to handle all these cases. Moreover, we need to hidden these actions in some cases (for example: when user has not have permission to add new an item, or in some pages we do not need [add new] action....) .

So please consider if you want to add Action icons in the Navigation bar.

2. Did you setup Native Mobile apps for your site? I think this navigation bar is essential for your mobile app than web mobile version. Besides, all mobile apps supported it.

Best regards,



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