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Hello, I have a problem with the group module,

I have enabled integration groups module with blog, forum.

When someone adds a blog article to the group then it appears in the main blog section, while when they add something to the forum, then it does not appear in the main forum, can you set somewhere which category in the main forum corresponds to the group?

Is it possible to enable integration groups module also for events and marketplace?

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Dear zydarek,

Group already integrated with Forum, but there are no way to display it in the main forum now. We would like to get more opinions from all of you - our valued customers, do we really need this feature on our community?

We would like to confirm that Group already integrated with Event,  you can configure on ACP >>> Apps >>> Installed >>> Group >>> Manage Integrated Items >>> turn on [Integrate Events with Groups]

Unfortunately, Group has not integrated with Marketplace. Thank you so much to provide your feedback, your suggestion will be taken into consideration seriously in our near future upgrades.  

Best regards,


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