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Hello how to set up a user who enters on the phone will be able to log in through the facebook application and not only through the internet browser?


Dear zydarek,

There is a setting on Facebook app support you can configure to open facebook apps from your phpfox full-site version on your phone. Please turn on the setting "Embedded browser OAuth Login"

Please login to your facebook developer and do this configuration for your Facebook App

see screenshot:

More information, pls refer

Best regards,



Hello, i did like you say but still fb login by app dont working, you can check this on my website

Screen with my settings is here:


Dear zydarek,

Sorry for our mistake. :( I've just got the support from our technical, we can open FB app from phpfox mobile app only. FB has not supported to open FB app from our website now.

Sorry for this inconvenient.

Best regards,