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0.01 format support should be brought to activity point module.  points should be given in 0.01 format.  and, where necessary, the activity point can be used as site money.


Members 0.05 point + 0.10 point+ 0.75 point + 0.25 point =1.15 point

You can collect points.  then you can Buy $ 1.00 Product in Marketplace.  The remaining 0.15 point remains in the account ??

Can this be used as Activity Point Site Money?


Hi Social Media,

We can configure the exchange rate between Activity point and real money on the AdminCP >>> Apps>>> Installed >>Activity Points >>> Settings >>>Activity Points Conversion Rate

At here, you can define the exchange rate for example 1 Activity Point = 0.01 USD, or 1Activity Point = 100 USD....

So we dont think the system needs to support 0.01 format for Activity Point. It is enough to configure the exchange rate now.

You can configure so that user of your site can Sell/purchase the marketplace listing by using activity point by: 

- On marketplace app >>[User group settings] pls turn on these settings:

      + Can members of this user group sell items on the marketplace? = Yes

      + Can members of this user group enable/disable Activity Point payment on the marketplace?  = Yes

- On Activity point app>> [User group settings] pls turn on these settings:

      + Allow to use Activity Points for exchanging items = Yes

Hope this information is useful for you.

Best regards



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