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 Is this a new problem?- fresh install no debug errors

What version of phpFox do you have 4.7.7

 Did you test at the phpFox demo ?yes no issue with same pic

What browser and OS are you using?- windows 11 chrome

Have you checked to see if there are errors with firebug or developer console no

 Have you searched the forums for your issue?no because no one has posted this issue in 3 years

 Have you checked the bug tracker for your issue no

- Have you cleared your cache? yes

Simply cannot figure it out. changed user group size settings, changed php.ini

the site will not let me upload a 1.5mb picture that my phone took!

You have to do better on settings like this that change over time as cameras get more advanced. ridiculous to have this problem in this day and age and no easy way to fix it from the adminCP

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Dear johndoight,

The maximum file size upload depends on 2 configurations:

- Your server configuration: The max upload file size is also restricted by PHP params: 

- Your PHPFox site configuration (in AdminCP)

>>> Please refer our guideline to fix this issue

Best regards,


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