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i try 2 another server.

Example my new server on google cloud

Server Details:

2 Cpu 7.5 GB ram 

Centos 7 

Redis enabled ffmpeg enabled.

Plesk Obsidian 18.0.18

1 site



Phpfox site results


Mobile = 1

Desktop = 23


Second test


Mobile = 0

Desktop = 21


Lab Data




First Contentful Paint

15.4 s

Speed Index

17.9 s

Time to Interactive

31.3 s

First Meaningful Paint

15.4 s

First CPU Idle

15.4 s



Enable text compression

19.8 s

Eliminate render-blocking resources

14.02 s

Remove unused CSS

12.45 s

Minify CSS

0.75 s

Reduce server response times (TTFB)

0.75 s





is this joke ?

Phpfox why too slow ?




Last update on September 13, 7:31 pm by Berke Tuncsiper.
Paul Kellow

Hi Berke,

Thank you for submitting a ticket in Client Area.  We checked and see that your site is loaded quickly at our end. As you may know, GoogleSpeed Insight and other performance checking tools have their standards to provide performance score. You should look into the report details and find out what is causing the low score. Items may be optimized by server config or software.

For example, according to the report of your site on Google PageSpeed, you can reach out to your hosting provider for help to enable Gzip compression first. This is the critical item causing a low score in the report.