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Hi Thanks for Reading in advance I thought this would be a great Feature that we could all use and it's well needed..

PLease let me know your thoughts :)

Original link to github feature is here


@harrison05 based on #585

  • Can we add the ability to set the limits to all Apps - NOT JUST groups, pages, events


**PLEASE ADD Limits to all these apps **


Music: total music uploads

Photos: total photo uploads
Videos: total video uploads
Quizzes: total quizzes a user can create
Polls: total polls a user can create
Blogs: total blogs a user can create
Pages: total pages a user can create
Groups: total groups a user can create
Events: total events a user can create
Marketplace: total items a user can add for sale

Note:: when a user creates Groups and Pages the limits should also be used for photos music blogs etc in groups and pages section.

  • Since we already have a feature in AdminCP : how many MB of space a usergroup is allowed to use? this should also be included in my idea.

  • If a site admin wishes to use subscription plans, we then turn on the feature to set the limits in each app for that user group - plan.

  • But if an admin does not use the subscriptions feature, we would still be able to add limits in each app for user groups..

  • Depending on the website's owner(s) they may want to create a Private Only Community ( Friends Only) or Work Employee's Only or Family Only

  • So we would still need to have the same option to limit each app in there respective settings in admincp

QUESTION - Have you thought about how the usergroup will get notification when limit is reached ??

  • My Idea a Popup when that apps limit has been reached and maybe even an email sent to that user when they are running low on storage ?

Hello {username}, you have reach your maximum ie. ( storage space, Pages, Groups, blogs, events, photos, music uploads, video uploads, storage space etc. )

which ever limit they reach that individual app sends the Popup Notification on Screen with a link to upgrade to the next level up ( paid subsciption )

  • If we don't use subscriptions, user still gets notification via popup

Hello {username}, Your limit for the app has been reached please click here to contact support.

** We would need to add in admincp a section for this Limit setting.

(Do you want to use limits with Subsciptions Yes or NO)

If No

  • when a user clicks the link in the popup that says click here to contact support, then they are presented with a Popup form they can fill out to request support.
    In Admincp the admin will then get a notification (where we get notifications already) to review the request and to upgrade this user to a higher limit or deny them . When admin clicks on notification they are able to read and reply to this request.

Users will then receive notification in front end of script (where users see all notifications already) with approval and they will click on it and it will take them to the account page to show them there new limits or the admin can deny the request and the user will get a page with the reason for denial..

in Admincp the Limit app option should be :

  • if we set this option to =Yes (Popup will be to upgrade to higher subscription)

  • if we set this option to =No (popup will be to click here to contact support)

this will be good for all admins no matter what we use our PhpFox script community for..

**Note: This should be a standard feature NOT an extra app from a third party.

Thanks and hope you can Reconsider your thoughts on how to finish #585

Would be really nice with the features I have outlined above for you

** Please give me your thoughts @harrison05 (PhpFox Team)

Anyone else

And @matthewpomar who came up with the initial thought for this feature request.
Thank you @matthewpomar


  • I think this would be the best solution

  • each app has its own limits we can set per user group

  • when a limit has reach the end a popup for that app shows a link to either upgrade subscription

    To Email support via a Popup form (for admins not using PhpFox with subscriptions) but they still need to limit each app for there business - friends only community needs.



To take this feature even further to be an awesome and wow idea ߘ

We can create features - limits page in users profile/ section

  • Showing the features and limits to Thier account

** Kind of like the activity point page.

***The Page should look like this below:

Your plan: Registered {Usergroup}

(Your Available Storage and Limits)

  • Total Storage 100mb: used (50%) or 50mb total
  • Total Photos: 5 out of 10
  • Total.videos: 4 out of 10
  • Total blogs:1 out of 1
  • Total events: 2 out of 3
  • Total pages: 1 out of 5
  • Total groups: 2 out of 2
  • Total quizzes: 1 out of 5
  • Total polls: 0 out of 5
  • Total Market listings: 2 out if 10

Please Note: ( If we don't allow Marketplace or video uploads or any other app for this usergroup to use.

Then this page should hide ( not show) the Marketplace and videos app limits on this Usergroup page.


  • The Example above would make a nice add-on feature to the limits feature and really wow PhpFox customers - Thier users.

Thanks again,

I sure hope you are able to make this soon.

This feature should make PhpFox stand out even more than any other community script..

  • This is an AWESOME IDEA now that I think of it more and more.

  • The users will know exactly what they have and will not have no surprises or they will Not get mad...

    why ?? I can't upload no more???B:dizzy_face:
    why I can't add blogs or more photos no more ??:tired_face:

  • This will show exacly what they are allowed and they can see how much of Thier limits they already used.

  • Plus this can bring more Money - Sales for Just this feature to PhpFox Script more :v: money for everyone



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Dear spirog,

Thank you for your suggestion, your suggestion will be taken into consideration seriously in our future upgrades.  You can follow the status of this request from the development team on GIT Hub.

Best regards,