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Hi when you view a users profile there is a tab called INFO

there is really nothing there except for some boring things and alot of dead space below

I was thinking to make that area where custom information can go like About me.

This way its not a small block on the left hand side and more of the information you would think to see under this tab: INFO

It also would look nicer and users can actually write a nice summary in this area about themselves to the community, they can basically add thier info on this area for job resumes or a funny story, etc. There are plenty of options I can think of what they can write in here. But mainly to use this area for the About me and kill the dead space in the Info Tab

  • would need to add feature to how many characters they can write.

  • also we can create a default about me phrase - variable. Example

    Every user that signs up will have already default wording that says:

Hi my name is {username},

Thanks for viewing my profile on {sitename}.

Just a simple about me until they add there own wording ߘ

about me feature

You can even allow for more custom fields in the Tab> Info area. Right below each one

  • So the first custom field would be the default one

  • About Me:

  • then I can add other custom fields below the default: About me,

  • School / University I attend:

  • Work / Employed for:

  • Books I love to Read:

  • Movies I love to WatchB:

  • Food I Enjoy to Cook / Eat:

  • Work History / Resume:


Example for text in these fields

lets say i have a regular non paying (usergroup) i want to give them only the about me custom field and only allow to write in text, no Ckeditor

But I also have a paying customer (usergroup) I want to give them all these custom field options and Allow them to add photos etc.

So it would be nice to have that Option in Admincp for custom fields..

  • Allow editor in custom fields for this usergroupYES / NO

Then in the same area of admincp we add another option:

  • How Many Characters a custom field should have? [ __________________ ] leave blank for default value of (300).

Also we can set a limit to how many custom fields each usergroup can add?

  • How Many Custom Fields in Profile Info Tab this usergroup can have? [_____] leave blank for default value of 1

  • you get the point, it would be all in the profile / Info Tab

This Info area is a more relevant area for the users About Me Field and custom fields if we add more for that usergroup.

  • Would make it look 100 times nicer, cleaner and better than a small block

Thanks so much,

Hope you can approve this one too :)



Dear spirog,

Thank you for your suggestion, your suggestion will be taken into consideration seriously in our future upgrades.  You can follow the status of this request from the development team on GIT Hub.

Best regards,