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I think this feature would be a great Idea to separate the share feature and upload feature, so we can allow different usergroups only one or both

right now we have one YES NO as you can see on the photo below for Both.

share-upload video- new feature request
upload videos ffmpeg per user group

  • I would like to have 2 separate options.

  • Do you want to allow share videos for this user group YES NO

  • Do you want to allow upload videos for this user group YES NO**

  • Because if I just have Free subscription or just regular registered users I dont want them to upload videos and cost me server bandwidth I only want this feature for my paying customers or PRO customers.

  • But I still want to allow Regular users Free signups to be able to add youtube videos (share Videos) on the site. so if we separate these 2 options I can do this , if not, Only one usergroup is able to upload. if I turn on Upload videos using ffmpeg, there is no way to limit a usergroup who can share vs upload videos only

PLEASE Please consider this feature its well needed for this reason.

Thanks so much



Last update on September 14, 11:44 pm by spirog.

Dear spirog,

Thank you for your suggestion, your suggestion will be taken into consideration seriously in our future upgrades.  You can follow the status of this request from the development team on GIT Hub.

Best regards,