I have been testing the phpFox iOS app linked to the phpFox demo site and well as my own phpFox site. I have noticed that it takes between 30 seconds and 60 seconds to upload a single image. When I try upload the same image via the Facebook iOS app, it uploads in around 3 seconds!

From what I understand, this performance difference is due to phpFox uploading the full size image whereas Facebook resizes the image before uploading.

In my opinion, this is a huge user experience issue. People do not want to twiddle their thumbs for a minute waiting for images to upload!

What do you think?

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Last update on September 25, 2019 by John White.
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Dear John White,

We have a configuration on AdminCP>>> Apps >> Installed>>Photos >>User group setting:  [Maximum image width keeps in server]. This setting will affect to photo upload process in mobile apps. If image width user uploads higher than this value will crop to this value.  

>>> I think we can use this configuration to reduce the time to upload a photo on the mobile app.

By the way, servers are a big thing relate to the performance. So it is difficult to compare the performance of our Demo with Facebook. 

Best regards,


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Hi Hannah

Thanks for the feedback.

I am aware of the [Maximum image width keeps in server] setting. This resizing process however occurs on the server, not in the users brower or in the iOS/Android app.

If the resizing could be built to run in the users brower or in the iOS/Android app, then it would probably resolve the issue.

We already have a really powerful server so I am sure it is the upload time rather than the processing on the server that is slowing the process down. I have checked my EC2 instance during the upload and the maximum CPU utilisation did not even go above 6%. Therefore, our server does not seem to be the bottleneck.

It would be great if phpFox could investigate this in detail and come up with a solution.

Kind regards



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It would make sense to have a feature that lets the app resize the image. 



Thank you for your suggestion, we will add your suggestion to our review list so our technical team will research and consider to move it to our future upgrades.



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Thanks Hannah

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